Self Supporting Towers

Roam has a vast range of triangular (3-leg) and square (4-leg) self supporting towers, ranging from light to heavy-duty.

Triangular Lattice Towers

Roam has a vast range of triangular Lattice 3-leg self supporting towers. The most common models we supply are the RT40, RT53 and RT84.


Light-duty Tower

Roam's RT40 tower is primarily designed for light-duty applications. It has become the most popular of all our tower models due to it's versatility and simplicity. The RT40 is almost exclusively used in non-cyclonic regions but is still able to support a fairly large amount of equipment, including microwave dishes.


Medium-duty Tower

The RT53 tower is commonly used for telecommunication base stations. It has internal climbing access and is capable of supporting a large number of panel antennas and ancillaries in low to medium wind-speed areas.


Heavy-duty Tower

The RT84 tower is typically used in cyclonic wind regions or for situations when a significant amount of equipment will be installed on the structure.

Self Supporting Towers - Triangular (Light-duty)
Self Supporting Towers - Triangular (Medium-duty)
Self Supporting Towers - Triangular (Heavy-duty)
Additional triangular tower models:
  • RT22: Very slender tower
  • RT46: Very-light-duty
  • RT47: Ultra-light-duty
  • RT49: Medium-duty
  • RT50: Medium-duty
  • RT51: Medium-duty
  • RT85: Extra-heavy-duty

Square Lattice Towers

Square lattice 4-leg self supporting towers provide greater strength for the same plan area as triangular towers. They are particularity good for very tall broadcast towers, or in situations that require large platforms or lookouts at the top.


Light-duty Tower

Our RT75 tower is used for light-duty applications where a square tower is preferred. It has internal climbing access.


Medium-duty Tower

Roam's RT72 tower is similar to the RT75 tower in design, however it is stronger, allowing it to be used for more demanding cases.


Heavy-duty Tower

The RT64 tower is specifically designed for sites which require very tall structures. Many of the RT64 towers we have supplied are over 80m in height.

Self Supporting Towers - Square (Medium-duty)
Self Supporting Towers - Square (Heavy-duty)
Additional square tower models:
  • RT20: Special zero taper
  • RT62: Light-duty
  • RT63: Extreme-heavy-duty
  • RT71: Medium-duty
  • RT77: Extra-heavy-duty